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Accessories are like exclamation points in our lives!


LOVE Candle Holders

LOVE Collection is a practice of restraint. Folded out of a single sheet of brass with the help of simple scores. The simple geometry, surface texture and finish with the material give a calming experience. Custom-made in four finishes Mirror, Matte, Burnt and Antique.


Cinna-scent is a fragrant clay composite that diffuses the aroma of Cinnamon. Reinventing comfort through the natural scent of Cinnamon in the form of a pendant is like your first aid to anxiety.

A constant Happy Cloud to take with you all around.

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U & I Rings

The pair of U & I rings explore the relationship between two interlocking forms in perfect union and balance like the relationships we carry throughout life. The U & I series celebrates these ties and brings you a memento as a reminder of a beautiful kinship.

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