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The Diadem Series

Floor Lamp/ Wall Sconce/ Table Lamp


Material Technology          Finishes Research and Development         Harmonizing Equilibrium          Spatial Trial and Error        Conceptualization          Form Testing          Prototyping

The crowning jewel fit for a queen's palace. Made entirely of brass, this magnificent lamp transforms a simple LED light into a radiant glow, casting an elegant and abstract pattern of light across your walls. Its glossy finish creates a mirror-like effect, adding a regal touch to any room, and reflecting the light into a larger Lumiere, giving it a shimmering, jewel-like texture. Versatile in design, the Diadem Lamp can be transformed into a table, floor, or wall fixture, fitting seamlessly into any space like a queen's crown. And with its low energy consumption, it provides a soothing and comforting ambience, inviting you to relax and bask in its regal glow. Make your home feel like a palace with the Diadem Lamp.

Material: Brass and Teak Wood

Colour: Glossy Golden/ Glossy Silver


Size: 18 inches x 11 inches Height: 43 inches

Weight: 7 Kgs


Lamp Specifications:

LED Strip

Warm White, CE Certified



Size: 18 inches x 11 inches Height: 14 inches

Weight: 4 Kgs


Size: 18 inches x 11 inches 

Weight: 2 Kgs

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