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Mushroom Series

 Wall Sconce/ Table Lamp

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Conceptualization        Light Texture Discovery       Material Exploration        Material and light interaction        Experience enhancement       Spacial Interplay       Rapid Prototyping       User Testing       Marketing

Experience the captivating journey of three medicinal mushrooms as they explore new frontiers in the world of art and design. They adorn themselves with a mesmerizing color palette and unique forms, creating an artistic piece that reflects their grounded origins. 

Indulge in the refreshing diversity of these fungi as they elevate their natural beauty and join them on this ethereal voyage and experience the magic of their evolution, as they bring their artistry to the world of design.

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Mushroom Collection

Wall Sconce/ Table Lamp

An accent light by sama by sashi influenced by the cultivated form of the soft, white and translucent mushroom that grows into almost perfect spheres. With the light filtering out of the open weave of jute, the soft curves create a delicate petal of light on the wall. Suitable as a wall-hung fixture, ceiling hung fixture and a table lamp truly imbibing the essence of a mushroom.

Material :       Jute and Brass

Size :               9 inches in diameter

Weight:           1 Kg

1 Type E27 Medium Base
3W - 8W LED, Warm White
CE CERTIFIED, Voltage 220V - 240V

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Turkey Tail

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Mushroom Collection

Wall Sconce

A wall-hung ambient light fixture by sama by sashi inspired by the heavily hued wild form of the mushroom. With Shibori tie and dye on silk mimicking the concentric pattern of the mushroom, each fixture comes out unique. These frills growing out of the wall mirrors the sprouting mushrooms in nature, jewelled with delicate freckles of light on its surface.

*contains only one piece

Material :    Silk and Brass

Size :            11 inch/14 inches  diameter

Weight:      1-3 Kg


Lamping specifications:

1 Type Strip Base

3W - 8W LED


Voltage 110V - 240V

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Trumpet Royale

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Mushroom Collection

Table Lamp

An ambient/ task light by sama by sashi inspirited by the growth patterns of the mushroom. Embodying the struggle to make your own space in a heavily populated space. Balanced by its weight, this Ceramic spherical table lamp spreads a warm glow around it with a luminous button anchored on top. Available in Ivory and charcoal colour, the simple and soft geometry fits right in with its neighbouring surroundings while creating a soothing effect in the space with its plump form.

Material :     Ceramic and glass

Size :            13 inches in diameter

Weight:        5 Kgs


Lamping Specifications:

1 Type E27 Medium Base

3W - 8W LED, Warm White

CE CERTIFIED, Voltage 220V - 240V

Dimmable upon request


Finish: Raw


              Customisable Colour (with additional charges)

Key Findings

Many Mushrooms have incredible medicinal value and a large number of people are unaware of it like healing brain damage, memory enhancement and also used as a probiotic.

There are innumerable varieties of mushrooms available, growing on every surface, in every orientation (vertical, horizontal, upside down).

Mushrooms are eco-friendly, whether it's the roots being used to make packaging material, their being biodegrades of the dead in nature, requiring a fraction of the water used in agriculture or being high in nutritional value.

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